Tallgrass  provides a continuum of recovery based services including the 30 day residential program and extended stay Sober Living Homes. Tallgrass offers a community-based, mentor-focused, 12-Step approach. The Sober Living Homes provide high quality, highly accessible, and cost effective housing for individuals in early recovery. Explore our site and find the recovery support services that are available to you today.

Tallgrass Sober Living Homes were designed to put personal recovery first. The homes are a community of people living together and sharing a unique goal…recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. It is a place to share common goals, experiences and a place to grow. Tallgrass sober living homes can give someone in early recovery the extra support they need to carry them over in difficult times. Our homes are mutually governed with a focus on personal accountability while members focus on their 12 step-programs.

Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment centers can be one of the most important steps in the process of recovery.

Tallgrass relies on over 150 volunteers from the vibrant, recovery community in Sioux Falls, SD. In addition, nearly all Tallgrass employees are themselves in recovery. It is this peer to peer mentoring and immersion into the recovery community that distinguishes Tallgrass from other alcohol and drug rehab providers. Tallgrass has served hundreds of individuals in it’s short history. Our alumni tell us that it is the connection to other alcoholics and addicts as well as the exposure to the wider recovery community that made their time here most rewarding.