Tallgrass Recovery is nothing without the support of our volunteers, alumni, and donors. The only reason we are successful is because of the deep belief you have in us and our Mission; connecting people to a spiritual experience through the 12-steps and linking people to a fellowship and community. Last year, due to your overwhelming support, you helped us raise close to $50,000 to go into the Scholarship Fund. This year, with your generous support, our goal is to achieve an even greater amount, $100,000, to give many more individuals an opportunity to get their life back.

It is with great humility and gratitude that we announce that our Year-End Giving Campaign reached a total of over $50,000. We are beyond grateful; without your generosity, this significant goal could not have been achieved. This degree of support signals to us that we have all been touched by addiction in some way; whether we are the person suffering from the disease of addiction, or a person who loves, works with, or knows someone who is suffering.

These dollars will greatly impact our scholarship program this year and provide access to those most in need in our community. However, our work is never finished. We want to have a consistent presence in the community and continue to provide the best opportunity to individuals suffering from disease of addiction get well. As such, we will continue to raise awareness this year about the essential services provided by Tallgrass Recovery and continue to raise funds that will allow those who may be without funds have access to our services.

To date, Tallgrass has given over $300,000 in Scholarships to individuals coming into our 30-Day program, and we are asking for your help to continue in this progress to aid future guests begin their journey into recovery.

Our Mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction discover a new way of life by embracing a 12 step, spiritually based solution.




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