A Thank You

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Dear Tallgrass Staff, Words cannot express our gratitude for bringing our wife, mother, and grandmother back. You have filled her toolbox with the right tools, it is now up to her to put them to good use. Thanks for providing … Continued

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You know the world, the medical and scientific communities on occasion lose their way and attack the 12-Step Recovery offered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Personally, I find it a strange symptom of either a need to worship scientific intervention or a … Continued

8 1/2 Months

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8 ½ months In just two weeks by God’s grace and keeping to my routine every day, I will be 9 months sober. There is a surreal quality to the thought, the girl who couldn’t make it through a day … Continued


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Preparing for Christmas is almost more exciting than the day itself… because we often lose sight of what Christmas is really about. Every year, it takes more and more time for me to find the holiday spirit, but when I … Continued