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tallgrass-pondTallgrass is full. I sat in the morning meditation today. The session lasted 15 minutes and began with two readings. Then, the lights were shut off and all went dark. It was completely silent, save for an occasional sniffle or muffled cough. Everyone at Tallgrass knew the routine. No instructions. My mind quietly raced through all of the day’s activities and my thoughts ranged from my family, to an important meeting downtown today, to my agenda, to the weekend, and back again. As I sat in the darkness listening to the silence of others, something struck me. Whether we are on the outside looking in or the inside looking out, we were all the same. Each one of us fighting the good fight. Addiction does not discriminate. Rich, poor, young, old, white, black, or yellow. It pretty much gets all of us. I continued to meditate and something else dawned on me and that was this: nobody was waiting for this to be over. Nobody was anxious to get through this. We were one.

Either trying to get sober or trying to stay sober. Each one of us had our future in one hand and our past in the other. Each one of us in this room was uniquely common tied together by a thread called hope. We continued to think, breath, and relax. Then a small beep sounded the end of the meditation and the lights came back on. This was the first of many meetings that our guests will attend today. Moreover, this is a way of life that each of us is learning to embrace in our recovery from mood altering chemicals. It reminded me of a book I am reading by Joseph Nowinski called If you work it It Works! The book describes the science behind the 12 step recovery.

The 12 steps have been central for millions of people around the world. At Tallgrass it’s all we do. I have been deeply inspired by this work and my hope is to inspire others. I just heard the bell ring signaling to our guests that something is about to happen. It’s time for the next meeting. Success is not necessarily what you thought it was.

Justin Falon
Executive Director

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