Recovery Art Show

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Near the beginning of my sobriety I worked hard to find things to do to keep myself busy. I was used to the old patterns of work (when I could hold a job) and using. There wasn’t much in between.
Part of my early sobriety was filled with trial and error of things I had once done that helped ease my mind and finding new things to fill the empty hours. Outside of meetings and work (I’ve had steady employment while in recovery) I needed to find out what I enjoyed. Art has quickly become one of my joys.
I am by no means a talented artist, but I enjoy putting a brush to canvas from time to time. I also enjoy admiring art and seeing what pieces speak to me. Well, my sponsor is an amazing artist and talented woman. This evening I was able to be a part of “The Tallgrass Recovery Art Show”. This experience was unbelievable. Not only was I able to take in some beautiful art, I got to experience something so much bigger than myself.
All of these people throughout our community came out to see the art, meet friends old and new, and be a voice of recovery. There was a time in the not so distant past that I was unable to appreciate another human being for what they had to offer… Even if all they had was themselves.
Tonight I stood in awe, talking to a friend about the magnificence of not only the event, but of our community… Of recovery. I am a blessed woman to be able to share this journey and experience these things, clean and sober. And this is not the end. September is recovery month… The weekend has just begun.

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