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Guest blogger, SLH alumni and lover of development, Mallory Flanigan
Guest blogger, SLH alumni and lover of development, Mallory Flanigan

In June of 2011 after 6 months in county work release I moved into Tallgrass’s Sober Living Homes completely full of fear. I didn’t know what my future held, but I did know that I didn’t want to drink again. The 6 months I spent living in their sober home allowed me to absorb myself in the sober community. It allowed me to spend that time getting to know myself and getting to know the ladies I was living with. It forced me to get a sponsor, go to meetings, keep my job, and do a little service work. It gave me that extra push to be honest with myself and commit myself to this program of recovery. I look back at it now and realize it was the best possible spot for me. Now, 3 years later, I have been given the opportunity to work for Tallgrass, the very same organization that gave me a place to live after being released from jail.

Being a person in recovery I realize the importance of having a place to go to that gives an individual the opportunity to discover a new way of life. Research has shown that nearly 10 percent of the adult population in our community has problems with drug and/or alcohol addiction. More importantly, only 10 percent of that 10 percent actually get help. That means about 90 percent of those who are struggling with addiction are not receiving any sort of treatment. Tallgrass gave me that place along with hundreds of other individuals. Unfortunately there are barriers that deter people from coming in the doors of Tallgrass, one being financial hardship. Scholarships are in place to help with that barrier and help get more individuals who suffer from this disease into the doors of Tallgrass. Last year alone we gave almost $45,000 in scholarship money to individuals who came to Tallgrass who otherwise would not have been able to come. This year we want to continue with our Scholarship Fund and help many more receive that same opportunity I was given. Please go to the link on our website, and donate however much you can. Any amount will be accepted and appreciated!

Thank you!
Mallory Flanigan Sober Living Home Alumni

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