Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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We have been busy this month with new guests arriving, alumni visiting and volunteers spreading the Christmas cheer. The house has been decorated. Carrie has been whipping up some delicious holiday goodies….
The holiday season is notorious for drinking to be part of the celebrations. I, personally got sober six days before Christmas in 2007. I arrived at the Tallgrass Campus on the 21st after two terrible days at the Minnehaha County Detox. That was the first time and years that I had been sober on Christmas…and so the journey began. Not unlike many others before me and many that are here now. I hope that those of you reading this have a beautiful holiday season. One filled with much joy and peace. Perhaps, some of you, I will meet down the road, when your own journey into recovery begins.

Keep on keeping on…
Joan Swenson alumnus #113

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