A Tallgrass Experience

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Tallgrass Alumni, Kylee and volunteer, Mary Y.

After finding myself completely defeated, with nowhere else to turn, Tallgrass welcomed me to an entirely new world. From a frightened little girl, addicted to drugs and alcohol, I became a young woman ready to face my reality. When I arrived at Tallgrass, I was used to doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and I was used to having my way… And that was about to change. Tallgrass provided a structured environment that guided me through each day. I was given an introduction to the Alcoholics Anonymous book through daily studies. Working with a mentor, I learned about addiction, and about recovery. The staff taught me how to build relationships based on trust and respect. They showed me how to work through pressures, anxieties and other normal parts of life, that I had never dealt with before. Those who have gone before me, were willing to show me the way. Thankfully, I was also introduced to a recovery community, which has now become my safe haven. Through countless visits with staff and volunteers, Tallgrass gave me the tools to succeed in recovery. Now, it’s my job to pick them up and use them.

After treatment, when I left the safety and security of Tallgrass, the real work began. Thankfully, I was strongly encouraged to transition to a Sober Living House before venturing out on my own again. The sober living environment has given me more than I could have imagined. The accountability to myself and those around me is a great tool that has helped me stay on track. People often say, it gets worse before it gets better. I find this to be true. I have had glimpses of the beauty that comes with recovery, but not every day has been beautiful. At the sober living house, we are all there to support each other when days are tough… and we can also be there to celebrate the great days with each other.

There is also added encouragement of the Tallgrass staff for those of us in Sober Living. A huge part of my recovery is based on the community and those around me. I get daily reminders from friends in recovery to pray, meditate, read my book, reach out to others… the list goes on and on. Sometimes I need those reminders to continue with the basics. As an addict and alcoholic, boundaries have never been easy for me. This living environment has helped me form appropriate boundaries with people whom I live with, and those that I don’t live with. The support that the sober living house has given me, is not what I asked for, but much much more.

Kylee C. alumnus #637

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