Sobriety Birthday’s

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Executive Director, Dennis Ford, celebrates 31 years of sobriety.

Last week we celebrated some huge milestones in recovery, here at the campus. Jesse Albrecht, Men’s Sober Home Manager, celebrated 8 years of continuous sobriety and our Executive Director, Dennis Ford, celebrated 31 years! LOVE LOVE LOVE BIRTHDAYS!I still remember a time when 24 hours without drinking was impossible for me. It’s no secret that I needed treatment, separated from the booze that was killing me, but still incapable of stopping.I could get 30 days…in treatment. It was when I walked out of the doors, that I would drink that first drink. That one that continued to bring me to my knees. So when I came to Tallgrass, I knew I was an alcoholic, I just didn’t know how to live without drinking. Looking back, I can say, I didn’t really know how to live at all. I know that these two gentlemen had the same troubles I did. The need to be convinced and the willingness to try living life someone else’s way. They, and many others, paved the way for me. Took the time to show me the way. I am forever grateful to them all. Sobriety birthday’s are a huge deal to us…because we remember what it felt like to get that 24 hour chip, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days…and on and on. Doing it all in 24 hour lots. Happy Birthday to those of you who celebrated a milestone in April!

Keep on keeping on…Joan S. #113

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