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Bob’s “God” moment…
Well, it was my Monday to fill in the office while Joan hob nobs with all them educated people at the SDAAPP conference in Chamberlain, SD.

Mark Wescott, (alumnus 287) from Alabama, showed up this morning to visit with Jeff N. (alumnus 478) for a little while. We had some time to talk before the 10:45 group about his stay here, who his mentor was, etc. He described his mentor and we figured out that it was Tom B. I looked at the schedule and to see who was doing the mid-morning group, to my amazement, it was Tom B. So if anyone is looking for how God works in our lives, you don’t have to look very far. Today I had the opportunity to feel God’s presence first hand. I really never have to look very hard to see God’s work but today God wrote a note and handed it to me.

They told me God usually remains anonymous in my daily life but today he choose to show himself to me.

Bob Livingston

Every day seems to bring a new adventure right now. Seldom without its challenges and moments where things just get a little chunky, some days are filled with gifts. I met Mark through reading his words and following his links on the Tallgrass alumni page where he has contributed often. A gathering place for people from all over the country with a couple of things in common. Adventures in recovery and a connection to Tallgrass. We came through at different times but share a common bond through the tools that we were given and the promise of a new life.

Mark was on his was back to Alabama and stopped on his way through town. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and have some time hang out on the grounds. He got to see some familiar faces including his mentor from over two years ago that just happened to be there that day.

We discovered that we had something else in common as well. We both love fishing. Enough to stick them on our arms.

I am so grateful today for my sobriety and the new friends that I keep running into along the way!

Jeff N. (alumnus 478)

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