The letter.

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There are these days when I love my job. As I sit at my desk thinking about the tasks ahead for the rest of the week, I forget that sometimes. Mary just came back from town with a letter. That is the second letter I have received this week, plus a visit. All from alumni who are out there in the world at large, doing the deal, staying clean and sober. This is what makes my job awesome. I thought I would use one of those letters for the blog this week. Share the love, sort of speak. In the next few weeks, I hope to have a few of the alumni and their families write for the blog. Sharing a bit of their journey into recovery… Keep on Keeping on…Joan S. #113


“Hello Gang! How is my favorite treatment center? The fact that Tallgrass is the only treatment center I’ve been in has nothing to do with my choice. Actually, you fine people saved my life, what’s left of it AT MY AGE. Everyone from Dennis to Dave, was tremendous in my rehab. My stay was very pleasant, informative, enlightening and a great start to a new life. LIFE WITHOUT BOOZE. Sounds wonderful, huh? I’m doing good, no drinking and lots of meetings. It’s been great to be home, my cats missed me. Nice to be missed, even by cats. Speaking of missing somebody, wow, I miss you guys! You were my family for a month and I grew very close to you all. Hope that’s ok with you because if it’s not, you are stuck with me. I will never forget my experience there. It was life changing. Changing for the better. Thanks for everything you did for me. I know it’s your job, but I’ve never seen people do their job with such passion and caring. Please tell everyone “HI” and pet Rylee for me as well. Thanks again, you are my heroes.”

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