The Gifts She Receives…

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When I was first approached about mentoring at Tallgrass, I have to admit the idea scared me to death, after all what could I possibly have to offer?   The answer really is quite simple, my experience, strength, and hope.

I remember how it felt to be so broken, lost, and desperate and willing to do whatever it took to have a different life. When I tell my story and listen to theirs we find a common bond, and the miracle starts to happen.  I am just a small part of their recovery journey, acting as a mentor as they work the steps. I continue to be amazed at the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that take place as they begin to recover.

The gifts I receive from spending a few hours a week with a guest who is struggling with this disease are priceless; I get to stay sober, I get to give back what was so freely given to me, and I am given the opportunity to reflect and be grateful for this program and the impact it has had in my life.

-Amy F.


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