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As we prepare for the upcoming Volunteer/Alumni banquet on February 18th, I thought it would be nice to have a few of the volunteers write a little bit about their experiences “giving back” out here at Tallgrass. Those of us who are alumni know the impact the mentors, story tellers, meeting holders and drivers made on us while we here. The people who gave and continue to give their time so that the guests can have the best chance of sobriety when they leave this campus, always warms my heart. Today, I get to play a part in lining some of that up. So a big THANK YOU to all of you who make time in your busy lives to pass it on.  Joan #113

“Joan recently asked me to write a few comments about my experience with volunteering at TLC Tallgrass. As a man of few words, or so I tend to think of myself, I feel like I never know what to say, or that I have nothing of value to say. Simple put, volunteering helps me get me out of my head. All that stuff that spins around in our heads and hearts, starts to make sense once we begin to share it with others.

When volunteering, and spending time with a guest, I have found we first share our common struggles with the desire to not drink or use… and then, without knowing it, we begin on a journey “to be of maximum helpfulness to others”… and God. I’ve felt and seen the promises of the program coming true, for me, and others. It is something I surely do not want to miss.”

                                         Brad W.

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