Saying Goodbye

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It has been a sad and reflective week here at the campus. We received word that one of our alumni had passed away, likely due to the disease that brought them to us. The book of Alcoholics Anonymous tells me that alcoholism is “cunning, baffling and powerful.” That has been proven to me over and over with my own struggles when I was trying to get sober. When I finally accepted that I wasn’t going to beat it nor could I control it, the miracle began for me. I was able to reach out, however ungracefully, and get help. I have since seen many miracles where recovery is concerned…people who should have died, didn’t. Others that have lost literally everything, get their lives back. The ripple effect of one person’s story touching another person’s heart…the light turns on. Willingness is talked about a great deal, the question is brought to the forefront…are you willing to go to any lengths to stay sober? Often at the moment, the answer is yes. But life is life. The willingness to stay sober gets pushed out of mind when the first drink is picked up. The choice we have been given back is lost. I, like many others, owe their lives to a place and a program that teaches us how to stay sober…one day at a time. I don’t have any answers when someone is lost. So I pray. Prayers of gratitude and humility. For I was reminded this week just how deadly this disease is and I pray “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. The wisdom to know the difference.”       Alumnus Joan S. #113

  1. Mark Wescott

    Well said. The disease we have will lie to us at every turn in the road. It saddens me every time I hear about one of my brothers or sisters succumbing to deadliness of addiction.With each death my resolve to help those afflicted becomes stronger even as I mourn.

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