Walter and John in DC!

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Our travelers…John Williams and alumnus, Walter Jandreaux…

Holy Cow! This has been a whirlwind of a trip so far. On Wednesday, Stardust, ATR Director. told us that all of the Wednesday sessions were focused on ATR administration, IT and billing and so Walter and I could head into DC. Well, we had made some friends with the California ATR people and they also had some providers along that didn’t need to stay for the sessions, so 5 of us took off from the hotel to see the capitol. I was the only person that had ever been here before so I was elected our unofficial tour guide. So our first stop was the Native American Museum–gorgeous building right on The Mall next to the capitol. We stayed for about an hour, when our Cali friends said “we better speed this up if we want to see everything.” So we did: We walked from the Capitol all the way down the Mall to the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial with a brief pit stop for lunch. I don’t know exactly how far this is but we covered some ground! It kind of felt like the Amazing Race:)
It was really great to be with people who had never seen the city. Walter was so happy- taking picture and sending them to friends and family. It is truly amazing to witness all of the history, culture and artifacts of our country. Washinton D.C. is a beautiful city.
After the tour of the Mall we headed up to the Adams Morgan area of town and had dinner with Star and the Michigan and Montana ATR folks. Then we headed back to the hotel for the 7pm All Recovery Meeting. It was exactly what we needed after all this running: to sit down in a meeting with other alcoholics and addicts and express gratitude for being sober and the opportunities that sobriety offers.
I think that day wore Walter out so he went up to his room but Christine Jones and I went to have dessert and coffee with some of the California and Montana ATR folks and talked until almost 11pm about how our respective ATR programs are doing: the successes, the challenges and the future. ATR truly is making a difference in the lives of people around the nation: It is a great program that offers choice to those of us who are struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Pretty amazing to be a part of it all. Truly humbled by this whole experience…

We will see you soon…JWW

Walter and John at the White House.

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