Happy Thanksgiving!

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Greeting from Tallgrass! We are just days away from Thanksgiving. Gratitude is the feeling that seems to be flowing through our campus. Our alumni have been busy posting on the closed facebook page all the things they are gratefulĀ for…sobriety, family, friends they have met in their recovery, a relationship with their higher power. These are the things that top the list. These things they list, they don’t surprise me…they are the same as mine. We are a grateful bunch, for sure. We alumni, seem to have beat the odds. We have picked up the tools that were presented to us while we guests here and started living life again. We have watched others we have come to care about fall. Some have gotten back up, dusted themselves off and started again. Others, the fight got to be too much. We have stayed sober. Gratitude in 24 hour lots…that is what we have today.

Keep on Keepin’ On…Joan S. alumnus 113

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