8 1/2 Months

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8 ½ months In just two weeks by God’s grace and keeping to my routine every day, I will be 9 months sober. There is a surreal quality to the thought, the girl who couldn’t make it through a day … Continued


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Preparing for Christmas is almost more exciting than the day itself… because we often lose sight of what Christmas is really about. Every year, it takes more and more time for me to find the holiday spirit, but when I … Continued

What I Wish You Knew

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The stigma attached to drug addiction and alcoholism runs deeply throughout society… There are simple words linked to those affected, that are not only bothersome, but completely inaccurate: drunk, druggie, junkie, boozer, troubled, messed up, alky, wino, crack head, coke … Continued

How We Serve

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Tonight was one of the first exceptionally cold nights of the season. As I parked my car and walked into The Banquet, the wind picked up and took my breath away. The chilled air pierced my skin like the sting … Continued